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Mondoluce LED Dimming with Lumitech Tauren Ballast

21 Aug 2017 by Mondoluce

Theatres throughout Australia utilise “old technology” halogen lighting. Halogen lighting systems were easy to dim and also provide a warm colour tone with excellent colour rendition properties.
LED doesn’t work same as halogen when dimming on a standard phase cut dimming system. A complete re-wire of the Theatre with a lighting control system is normally required to upgrade to LED. This is very costly with both components and labour costs for installation.

Introducing the Enerpro X range of LED down lights paired with the LUMITECH – Tauren electronic dimming ballast. Enerpro X LED downlights achieves the warm colour temperature and the superior rendition properties match that of halogen lighting. Paired with the LUMITECH Tauren electronic ballast, Enepro X LED converts the existing dimming signal into an advanced signal that can be interpreted by the Enerpro X downlight.

Hale School Theatre LED upgrade – Summary of savings:

Number of fittings = 50
Existing light fittings = 250w halogen
Cost of electricity = 0.22c per kWh
Hours run per day = 12 hours
New LED fittings = 26w LED

Based on the assumed operating conditions, power consumption is reduced by over 70%. This resulted in a payback period of just over 1 year for the upgrade.

As simple as unplugging the old technology halogen downlight and plugging in the new Enerpro X + Tauren Ballast. The life expectancy of the Enerpro X LED down light is approximately 20 years.